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A tailored experience to fit your custom needs.


Make changes to existing products

Make changes to existing products

Need to stretch a product to align with a hold-to dimension on a floorplan? No problem.

Every year we work with our clients to customize our standard product porfolio to meet their unique needs. These changes include dimensional adjustments, COMs + COLs and a range of custom features. Let us help you make the changes to standard products you have in mind.

Let us make your idea

Let us make your idea

Struggling to find an existing product on the market that meets the specifications, design or aesthetic for your project and need a team to build what you have in mind? We do that too.

We have no issue with “go-design” engagements when our clients know exactly what they are looking for and only need someone to fabricate their idea. Our team of designers, engineers and makers will assist in bringing your vision to life.

Let us solve your problem

Let us solve your problem

Let’s face it, over the past year and half, work has changed forever. We know all organizations are facing some big questions and looking for answers. We are too.

Work with our internal design consultancy to solve your unique challenges. This specialized group of designers, engineers and researchers work with our clients closely to understand the problems and needs in their workplaces. Our design process is not only focusing on offering solutions, but also making sure we are solving the right problem.

Custom Product

Custom product, but still a Steelcase product.

Global scale

100+ years experience

Sustainability standards

Dealer partnership

Revit/CAD symbols

Single source

Commitment to quality

World-class fulfillment

Day-2 service

Transparent pricing

Custom Product Generic Timeline


Custom product generic timeline:

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